Bouquets :Amazing teachers in special schools

Amazing teachers in special schools

Parents of children with special needs face many obstacles and stress. However, they are helped by the outstanding teachers of special schools.

My 17-year-old son attends Metta School. He has behaviour issues and I am extremely grateful to his form teacher, Joanne, for making an effort to wait for him at the school entrance and getting him to the hall when he arrives every morning.

Another teacher, Zoe, is also very caring and willingly acceded to a request to help my son.

I commend teachers of Metta School for helping me feel less worried about my son. Their help is greatly appreciated.

Ong Swee Poh (Madam)

Good help after accident

I am a senior citizen. On the night of Sept 21, I was hit by a cyclist as I was walking home on a footpath.

I suffered a fractured upper arm, a swollen face and multiple abrasions and bruises.

A man and a woman came to my aid. She took down the particulars of the cyclist and helped to call an ambulance. I was warded in Changi General Hospital.

In my state of shock, I did not ask the woman for her name or contact details, but she said she was a doctor from Singapore General Hospital.

I am very grateful to her for her help.

I hope the authorities will do something about cyclists on footpaths. It is certainly a danger to senior citizens like me as well as to children.

Ng Yock Chun (Madam)

Touched by gift of umbrella

On Oct 3, I boarded a taxi driven by Mr Woon Koon Siong to Capitol Piazza.

It started to rain very heavily and Mr Woon asked if I had an umbrella with me.

I replied that I did not. Unexpectedly, he gave me an umbrella that he had in the taxi.

I was reluctant to accept it, as I did not want to inconvenience him. But he insisted, saying I would definitely need one, due to the heavy downpour.

I was touched by his gesture and am grateful to him for providing me with shelter that day. His act of giving made me appreciate the simple acts of kindness in society.

Adeline Mak (Madam)

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