Bouquets: A gentleman lifesaver

A gentleman lifesaver

Last month, while on a visit to Singapore from Malaysia, my grandfather, who has respiratory issues, suffered a relapse and needed an oxygenator urgently.

After a frantic search for a service provider that rents out such a medical device, we found Mr Colin Tan, from Sonray Lifesciences.

He promised to get the equipment to my grandfather within the hour, adding that "the rest is not important".

The equipment arrived on time but Mr Tan did not care to be paid. Instead, he spent time talking to my grandparents and showing them how to operate the machine. He even suggested some breathing exercises to help strengthen my grandfather's lungs.

My family and I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to this kind gentleman, who went beyond his job requirements to show kindness to others.

People like Mr Tan help make Singapore a more gracious and compassionate society.

Lee Yi Ling (Ms)

Thanks for nursing advice

Until I became a mother and decided to breastfeed, I did not know the importance of a lactation consultant.

I had difficulty breastfeeding my two children and was in great pain. Nurse clinician Sharon Lee from KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) aided me and she was patient, calm and confident. She was very encouraging, and motivated me to persevere. Without her expertise, patience and amazing tenacity, I would have given up long ago.

I am extremely grateful to Ms Lee and her team of lactation consultants. I also thank the team of healthcare professionals at KKH who cared for me and my two children at their birth.

Chen Xiang Yan (Ms)

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