Bouquets : A-class service in C-class ward

A-class service in C-class ward

I was recently hospitalised at National University Hospital for three days and was able to see how caring and professional the doctors, nurses and other staff of Ward 48 were. Although it was a C-class ward, they gave A-class service and treatment.

I thank them, and Dr Roy Ng and his team, for their effort.

Lee Seo Choo (Madam)

Caring culture at work in Singapore

My wife and I are in our 70s. Recently, on her way to meet me for breakfast after an appointment, my wife stumbled on an uneven pavement, tripped and fell.

A couple about our age came to her aid and helped her to Paragon mall, which was nearby. I was drinking coffee at Cedele at the mall. When my wife called me, I went to look for her, leaving my bag at the restaurant.

When we returned to retrieve the bag, the restaurant's staff were extremely helpful. They provided ice to reduce my wife's swelling and a first-aid kit to dress her wounds.

My wife and I then went to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH). Happily, we found that she had no fractures.

Everyone who helped us was considerate, caring and displayed true concern and professionalism.

We thank the couple who came to my wife's aid, the staff at Cedele Paragon and KTPH.

I am glad for the caring culture in Singapore that has enabled this positive outcome.

Arthur Lee Gilbert

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