Students return lost card

My senior concession ez-link card fell out of my pocket on Monday while I was walking to the bus stop near Victoria School.

I was so anxious when I couldn't find it, and wondered how I was to get home as I did not have any change on me.

Just as I was wondering what I should do, two students from Victoria School came up to me and handed me my card.

They had found it on the walkway and took pains to locate me, using the photo on the card to identify me.

If this is how our education system is churning out our students, then we are certainly on the right track.

Chandra Das

A professional with a heart of gold

I went to the National Heart Centre Singapore on April 5 only to discover that my appointment was on the following day.

I am elderly and live quite a distance from the centre, and I have difficulty moving around.

I explained the situation to nurse clinician Patsy Chiang. She said she had a long list of patients but still squeezed me in.

She issued special instructions for me to be given regular anti-coagulation clinic tests under a scheme which I am most comfortable with and which is most cost-effective for me.

I was touched not only by Ms Chiang's professionalism but also by her heart of gold.

Pang Cheong Kong

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