Strangers help avert injury

On Aug 29, my friend and I were going up the escalator outside DFS Galleria in Scotts Road when she fell, causing both of us to tumble down the steps.

Luckily, two men broke our fall and helped us get to the top of the escalator. A woman ahead of us also assisted.

As I was stunned by what had happened, I was unable to thank them before they quietly walked away after the incident.

I am grateful to these people, without whose assistance we would have suffered much more than just a few scratches.

I also hope that the escalator can be fixed as, at the time of the accident, it was in rather poor condition. Its movement was jerky and the handrails did not move in tandem with the steps.

Patricia Lim (Mrs)

Lost and found at Sungei Buloh

I went to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve last Saturday to join the Wow Wild West

guided tour. The tour was to start at 9am at the Visitors' Centre, but I got lost as I made my way there.

Two women I met kindly gave me a park brochure to help me find my way. A National Parks Board (NParks) staff member saw that I was lost and gave me directions to the Visitors' Centre.

Later, he informed a colleague about me, and she came to look for me in a buggy. She offered me a ride as we searched for the tour group, guided by Mr Ivan Kwan.

It was a very enjoyable tour and Mr Kwan was very interesting.

I did not get the names of the two NParks staff or the two women I met along the way.

However, they made my day, and I thank them for their help.

Rachel Lim Ming Choo (Ms)

Cabby lends a hand with luggage

I thank CityCab driver Ng Jun Liang who went the extra mile for me last month.

I had a lot of luggage to move that day and he patiently helped me carry it to the boot. I was worried that he would tell me off for fully loading his taxi, but he did not. He was also full of smiles as we drove along and arrived safely at my destination. I am very grateful for his patience.

Jason Ong Jian Peng

Lost wallet returned intact

On Aug 23, I dropped my wallet, containing my credit cards and identity card, as well as a big stash of cash, in the basement carpark of Leisure Park Kallang.

After a frantic search of the carpark, I went to the information desk, with little hope that my wallet would be there.

To my surprise, my wallet had been found by a Mr Patrick Tay, and handed to security guards intact. I thank Mr Tay and the security guards for their assistance. I hope others who lose their wallets will have people who do the same for them as Mr Tay did for me.

Katherine Krummert (Ms)

Father in good hands at hospital

My father was admitted to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital's (KTPH) Ward B105 on July 24 after an acute stroke.

He stayed at the hospital for one month. During this time, the doctors and nurses took good care of him, and the occupational therapists were also very encouraging.

Putting aside the emotional stress, I did not have to worry about my father's condition, as I saw that he was in good hands.

One nurse, Kelvin, on hearing that it was my father's birthday on Aug 7, ordered a cake from the kitchen, and the nurses sang him a birthday song. I was touched by the warm gesture.

My father has been discharged and is now at Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital for rehabilitation. He told me that Kelvin and another nurse from KTPH recently visited him at the hospital. I am heartily grateful to all the medical staff of KTPH. I hope they keep up the good work.

Kuan Qian Ying (Miss)

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