Doctor provided exemplary care

My father was diagnosed with transactional cell carcinoma recently and sought treatment at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

His doctor, Dr Lee Lui Shiong, provided exemplary care.

He was patient and clearly explained to patients and caregivers treatment options, post-operation updates and more. He also greeted his patients warmly during his rounds or at the specialist outpatient clinics.

His actions and words assure caregivers that their loved ones are in excellent hands. SGH is fortunate to have such an outstanding doctor.

Aung Maw Aye

Misplaced library books returned

Recently, I accidentally left my books at a counter in Bishan Public Library instead of putting them in the return slot.

When I realised my mistake, I went to Cheng San Public Library which is closer to my home to ask for help. There a kind staff member, Kartini, did a check and told me the books had been returned and that all was well.

I had lost books before and been fined. I am grateful to Kartini and the staff of Bishan library for their help.

Florence Tan (Madam)

Smiles and care during recovery

I fractured my hip bone and femur on Dec 26 and was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

I was in shock, but staff nurse Jaya reassured me that I was in good hands and would be all right. This calmed me tremendously.

The whole treatment process was explained to me in detail.

The team of doctors and nurses who operated on me went the extra mile to assure me. They were always smiling and telling me not to worry.

In the ward, staff nurse Ms Jia Yi was so passionate about her job.

She and her team made sure things were done right.

They apologised whenever patients felt pain during the care process.

The nurses were even there to see me off when I was discharged.

I was touched by the actions of all these doctors and nurses.

I thank them for the professionalism, smiles and care.

Steven Teo Kian Ann

Waiter did not let diner go hungry

On Jan 8, I went to Herbs Bistro in Downtown East for dinner.

As there were many orders, my food took nearly an hour to come.

One of the waiters apologised for the long wait and gave me a free bowl of mushroom soup to eat while I was waiting.

I thank him for his action. It was kind of him to give me that bowl of soup, as I was hungry, and not to charge me for it.

Jamie Lyn Ng Jia Le (Miss)

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