Bouquets: 5-star service and response by LTA

5-star service and response by LTA

Many people have at one point given feedback to an organisation only to get no response. This is not the case with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). In my experience, every call I have made or e-mail I have sent to the agency has been attended to.

From illegal parking, vandalism of bus stop seats and illegal U-turns, to road imperfections, bus stop bollards and faulty traffic lights - once a report is made, LTA personnel arrive within minutes to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. My sincere appreciation to LTA .

Yeow Ghim Chye

Delivering the news, rain or shine

Newspapers, like the journalists who labour so hard at its content assembly, have to be one of those things we take for granted in life - because they appear on our doorstep on a daily basis without fail.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes in producing newspapers, made possible through round-the-clock collaboration between local journalists and far-flung correspondents.

Many thanks to The Straits Times for giving readers a peek into its operations during the Forum writers' visit to the newsroom.

Lily Ong

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