Kudos to a helpful customer

Being early on a delivery, as a service standard, can have its drawbacks. But there is that one appreciative customer who makes one's day.

This customer had called to check and to find out the reason for an unsatisfactory delivery.

Understanding our problem - there were no guards or reception to give us access into the building at that time - she gave us step-by-step directions to another entry point. To me, this is something extraordinary - an effort that goes beyond the duties of a customer's treatment of a supplier.

Thank you, Ms Chan Yan Ping of Idec Izumi Asia. It is customers like you who brighten the suppliers' lives.

Ronnie Poon Beng Choon

No honks, just helping hands

While driving out of the Raffles City carpark, my car stalled halfway up the spiral exit ramp.

As a result, a long string of cars became stuck behind my vehicle.

I feared the worst, expecting a lot of angry words and honking of horns. But to my pleasant surprise, I did not hear a single honk and the drivers behind me came out to help solve the problem.

In the end, five or six people helped push my car up the slope and curving exit ramp, and onto the side of the road.

This was not easy and I could see that everyone was very tired after the effort.

To all those who helped push the car, a big thank you to all of you. Singapore has come a long way and I can confidently say we are a gracious and caring society. 

Kan Shik Kiong

Foreign workers who shine

Over the past month, I had pleasant encounters with two foreign workers here; one a doctor from Hong Kong and the other a Malaysian in customer care.

Dr Jason Lau, a medical officer attached to the ear, nose and throat unit of Tan Tock Seng Hospital, conducted two checks on me to see if a suspected fish or chicken bone was stuck in my throat.

Dr Lau's guidance and reassurance, coupled with his patience and care, made the procedure much easier to handle. 

His competence and knowledge also revealed it was my tonsils that were causing me pain.

Mr Nisook Ramalingam, from Singtel Mobile, has also gone out of his way to advise me on the best, cost-prudent options for my cellphone usage at home and abroad.

He returned my calls promptly and because of his knowledge, I am assured of getting the "extra mile" service.

Their professionalism in ensuring that Singaporeans are well-looked after will slowly but surely help contribute to whittling down the resistance some people have towards foreign workers here.

Raymond Anthony Fernando

Welcome calm at Tuas Checkpoint

After dealing with numerous, queue-cutting motorists - who were mostly Singaporeans - for over an hour on the Malysian end of the Second Link, it was indeed a pleasant experience for me and my family to be greeted by the orderly, calm and smooth traffic flow at the Tuas Checkpoint when we were there on June 14.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and the Tuas Checkpoint staff.

K.P. Periasamy

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on July 31, 2015, with the headline 'Bouquets'. Subscribe