Insightful visit to fire station

My family and I had the opportunity to visit the Clementi Fire Station during its weekly Open House.

We were taken on a tour of its facilities and shown the vehicles and equipment used by the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

We were impressed by the details and technical information presented to us by Third Sergeant Fauzan.

As a full-time national serviceman, he was not only knowledgeable but was also able to articulate all the information he shared clearly and responded to all our questions.

He came across as confident in his roles and responsibilities, clearly a testament to the training that he received.

Learning more about firefighters and their equipment left us with a deeper understanding and appreciation of them.

To all firefighters, thank you for your commitment in keeping us safe and coming to the rescue of those in need.

Ong Ban Guan

Kind taxi driver returns father's bag

On Oct 16 last year, I booked a taxi over the phone to take my mother to Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Upon the taxi's arrival at SGH, my father was so eager to help my mother out of the taxi that he left his bag and house keys in the vehicle's back seat. 

He realised his belongings were not with him only much later and we were unsure if he had taken his bag along with him in the first place.

However, thanks to the taxi booking system, our driver, Mr Lee, managed to trace my mobile phone number and contacted me to tell me about my father's lost bag.

He was kind enough to meet me at the exact spot where we boarded his taxi the day before, to return the bag.

This kind act has brought much relief and warmth to my family.

A big thank you to Mr Lee for his kind help and generosity.        

Lee Siak Cheong

Great service from air stewardess

I commend the exemplary service of Tigerair stewardess, Ms Pagie Koh.

During my flight from Hong Kong back to Singapore on Dec 27 last year, I sought her assistance on two occasions.

While in the air, two infants sitting across the aisle from me screamed intermittently for some 20 minutes.

I asked to see Ms Koh and wrote her my feedback on an airline paper bag, indicating my displeasure with the infants.

Ms Koh smiled, and a short while later, she spoke with the infants' parents, placating them while conveying my feedback.

I was greatly impressed with her professionalism and humility in handling the matter.

It was then that I realised a cabin crew member's job is very challenging.

Later on, as the aircraft was preparing to land, I experienced pain in my eardrums.

I signalled to Ms Koh, who offered me a cup of water for free.

Ms Koh exercised good judgment and initiative in these matters. May she scale new heights in her aviation career.

Teo Kok Seah

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