Early hour no barrier to kindness

Recently, my son had to stay late at work and, on his way home at 1am, stopped by McDonald's at Block 164, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4.

He did not realise that he had dropped his wallet along the way.

At 3am, our doorbell rang unexpectedly and we were greeted by a couple and their son, who came to return my son his wallet that they had found.

I was so surprised and grateful that they had made the effort to drive to our house at that unearthly hour - and in the rain - to return the wallet.

The family declined any token of appreciation or reward I tried to give them.

We parted with handshakes and light hearts.

I thank this family very much and hope that we can meet again to properly thank them, when we are not dazed early in the morning.

It is people like them who make our world a better place. Their act of kindness had an impact on us.

We are inspired and will certainly pay it forward.

Francis Lee

Caring strangers in time of need

Last Saturday, my wife, two young sons and I went to Changi City Point to do some shopping.

My 11-year-old son and I sat down to rest on a bench in the basement while my wife shopped with my younger son.

After a while, my seven-year-old son returned and was running towards me when he tripped and hit his head on the bench.

There was a deep cut on his forehead, which bled profusely.

At least five passers-by offered their assistance.

They got a first-aid kit and an ice pack.

Someone called an ambulance, while another suggested that my son sit up instead of lie down.

A wheelchair was fetched so we could wheel my son to the carpark.

I am glad to have had a first-hand experience of a society that cares for its members.

In my moment of despair at seeing my son's bleeding forehead, strangers stepped in voluntarily and supported me.

I thank all of those who assisted me and my family.

They clearly demonstrated how we have developed into a more caring society.

Lee York Pin

Exceptional surprise in service

Recently, I bought a new ink cartridge from Hewlett-Packard (HP), but found it to be faulty.

The standard protocol was for me to send the cartridge for inspection at HP's service centre.

However, Mr Subbu of HP understood that doing so would cause me to incur a higher cost than the cost of the cartridge.

Hence, he kindly arranged for the cartridge to be collected for inspection.

If it was truly faulty, he would send a replacement to me.

I am heartened and inspired by Mr Subbu's action and compliment HP for this exceptional surprise in its service.

Goh Ee Kiat (Dr)

SGH nurse who went the extra mile

I commend the staff of Singapore General Hospital's Ward 76 for their high standard of physical and emotional patient care.

My wife was admitted as a subsidised patient after knee-replacement surgery.

Despite their busy schedules, the staff empathetically catered to her every need and those of our family members.

I was particularly touched by the personalised service provided by resident nurse Nazri.

He not only telephoned to inquire about my wife's condition after her discharge, but also went the extra mile to hand-deliver medication she needed.

Ullaganathan K. V .A.

Dad treated like family at hospital

My family thanks the staff at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital's Ward B9 who treated my father like family and celebrated his improvements and fulfilled his last wishes.

The staff, including Adjunct Associate Professor Gamaliel Tan, also gave my father the best he could ask for and worked tirelessly to alleviate his pain and suffering.

The humility, patience and empathy shown by the team as they accompanied us through my father's final days touched us deeply and we cannot thank them enough.

We hope they will continue to do their best from the heart and touch the lives of patients and their families.

Wilson Ng Bing Yuan

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