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A ward in Sengkang General Hospital.
A ward in Sengkang General Hospital.PHOTO: ST FILE

Kind staff of Sengkang hospitals

After suffering a stroke in late October, my father, Mr Tan Yap Ming, became bedridden and was transferred to Sengkang Community Hospital for rehabilitation.

His condition was exacerbated by the onset of Alzheimer's disease, so he was sometimes challenging to handle. However, the hospital staff were patient and good-natured with him. They were also timely with updates and helpful towards us.

When he went into a coma on Nov 22 after another brain haemorrhage, he was transferred to Sengkang General Hospital, where the staff continued to treat him with respect. A nurse and a neurologist took pains to call and update me immediately upon the deterioration of his condition.

When he died on Nov 27, the staff there continued to treat him with dignity, and our family with care and compassion. The doctors and nurses also consoled us and guided us step by step to deal with my father's death before funeral services took over.

My family wishes to thank the staff at Sengkang Community and General hospitals for alleviating our pain with their kindness and professionalism.

Sophia Tan Chay Lee

Changi Airport staff helped sick son

My son suddenly felt unwell on his way back home from Dubai. I was worried when I went to Changi Airport Terminal 1 to receive him. I approached the information counter as I wanted to know if there had been any emergency alert from the captain to the airline office and whether I could get wheelchair assistance upon my son's arrival.

I was very fortunate to be assisted by Mr Mousy Loo, who went out of his way to help me. He contacted the airline's office, alerted the medical team and even offered to receive my son in person. Thanks to his professionalism and kindness, my son is back to normal after a few days of hospitalisation.

Venkataramani Srinivasan

Patient and reassuring doctor

My family and I visited numerous doctors last year to learn more about a medical condition and Dr Andrew Khor Yu Keat proved to be a cut above the rest in terms of professionalism.

He was wonderfully patient in addressing all our questions, always reassuring, taking the effort to explain things to us, showing utmost sincerity and respect.

Wee Siew Hong

Sats employee a great help

I was booked on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ5368 bound for Kochi on Dec 22 .

But when I arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 2, I realised I had left my mobile phone at home. I checked in nevertheless and shared my predicament with Sats employee Isaac Hiew, who was at the check-in counter.

I had asked my son to rush back home to get my phone and Mr Hiew immediately took action, rushing me onto the plane first and then collecting my phone from my son at the check-in gate. I got my phone just four minutes before the gate was closed.

Kudos to Mr Hiew, Sats and all the staff there for extending such great care and assistance.

Bhupesh Gandhi

Wonderful Italy tour by Singapore firm

I am a UK citizen who returned from a delightful 10-day Christmas tour of Italy with Singapore-based travel company Let's Go Europe.

Travelling from the United Kingdom, I joined Singaporean friends in Rome for the land tour, and under the guidance of tour leader Park Goh, we all had a fabulous time touring the highlights of Italy.

While it is understandable that Singapore tour companies cater mainly to locals, I feel there is a vast untapped market of foreigners who would also enjoy these Singapore-organised tours.

Daniel Emlyn-Jones (Dr)

Good service by staff of Lot One shops

I would like to thank Thomas from the Singtel exclusive retailer store at Lot One shopping centre. Even though the store was closed for renovation, Thomas returned my call and promptly resolved my SIM card issue.

I also commend Fina and Li Peng from the Sasa shop at Lot One. I had some issues using a Sasa e-voucher and they were very patient in helping to resolve the issue on Christmas Day.

The following day, I was also delighted to collect my shampoo that I had left behind at the store. It is sad that Sasa is closing its Singapore stores and I wish both Fina and Li Peng all the best in securing new employment.

Ong Lye Chan

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