Killer litter: Good work by police

Kudos to the Singapore Police Force for catching the alleged culprit behind the killer litter case at a condominium in Spottiswoode Park Road which left a man dead (Killer litter at condo: Australian charged with causing death by rash act, Aug 31). The accused is said to have thrown a glass wine bottle from the seventh-storey lift landing. The bottle struck and killed 73-year-old delivery driver Nasiari Sunee.

Pavithran Vidyadharan

Govt has served S'poreans well

Many of us are truly thankful for the careful and wise planning by the Government. The Prime Minister and his team have a genuine desire to do their best for the people of Singapore, even though there are dissenters who cannot see the good they have done.

Granted the Government has made mistakes, but it is willing to acknowledge these mistakes and take steps to rectify them.

The opposition parties are starting to prepare for the next general election. Some are being formed not for the love of Singapore but for personal gain, revenge or fame.

Can they carry on the legacy of the late pioneers who built this nation and made it what it is today?

As a pioneer citizen myself and having lived through World War II, and having been under other governments, I believe the current government is the best one. I may not live to see it continue to run the country, but I hope my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will enjoy good governance for a long time to come.

Constance Jacob

Hats off to ST on Kashmir coverage

The Straits Times must be congratulated for its steadfast coverage of the situation in India's Kashmir Valley region since Aug 5.

There has been such a clampdown on media coverage there that most Indian media outlets are just peddling information given to them in government handouts. But there is much more to the story unfolding there, of a whole people whose voices have been muzzled.

Kudos to the ST for doing its duty of trying to bring its readers the real news from there, as well as giving press coverage to a people not allowed to speak or give their reactions.

Tara Hasnain

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