Bouquets: Why no praise for MRT?

Why no praise for MRT?

Even the famed Japanese shinkansen high-speed train system, with all its sophistication and high-tech gadgetry, is not immune to mistakes (Bullet train travelled at 280kmh - with open door, Aug 22).

And yet it is still regarded and respected as being one of the fastest and most reliable railway networks Japan has ever produced.

As for our own MRT, it has been noticeable how public criticism and complaints of it have seemingly gone away in the past 1 1/2 years.

This has mainly been attributed to ongoing improvements being made. Well done, and keep it up.

SMRT and SBS Transit have gone through a lot, but thanks to their efforts, they have transformed their networks and made them more reliable. In my experience, rides on the North-South and North-East Lines are fast, comfortable and seamless.

For years, the MRT was battered with criticism and complaints, with the outcry becoming quite vehement at times when things went awry.

However, now that things have turned for the better, where is the praise and appreciation from Singaporeans?

Lim Heng Ann

Hospital staff eased family's stress

My daughter was hospitalised at Mount Alvernia Hospital several times between April and June.

On many occasions, staff at the hospital's business office helped us to process our insurance claims with the relevant parties, which provided much-needed relief to my family's financial burden as well as the stress we experienced.

We were contacted via e-mail and phone even after office hours and given information on the insurance procedures and claim process.

Such dedication and knowledge impressed my family and me, and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the kindness shown.

Sherry Ng Kuan Mei

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