Concerts rekindle childhood passion

I remember with fondness how, during my university days, I used to attend concerts by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the then People's Association Chinese Orchestra (now known as the Singapore Chinese Orchestra) at the Victoria Concert Hall. Classical works, both Western and Chinese, had a profound effect on me during my academic years.

In the years after graduation, as I focused on my career, I subconsciously shelved my childhood passion in the arts and music, which lay dormant for nearly a decade.

As fate would have it, I recently attended two concerts by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) in the space of about a month, a Peking Opera Extravaganza Concert at the end of June and The Feng Ya Song Symphony at the start of this month.

Both concerts by the SCO astounded me and rekindled my childhood passion, and I fought to control my emotions with every round of applause I gave.

These concerts would not have been possible if not for the evolution of the Singapore arts scene, through government efforts to educate and instil the right values and mindsets, which has resulted in artists and musicians here being respected for their gifted talents as well as their valuable contributions.

The SCO, Singapore's only professional national Chinese orchestra, has come a long way since its inauguration in 1997. Under the baton and leadership of music director Yeh Tsung, its unique artistic versatility has made it a world-renowned people's orchestra.

Dawn Chen Wenhui

Quick staff response on Downtown Line

On Tuesday during the morning peak hour, a woman fainted in a Downtown Line MRT train. Passengers hit the emergency button to inform staff, while others attended to the woman.

When the train reached the next station, three station staff were there to check on the situation and take the woman off the train if necessary.

She chose to continue her journey.

One staff member accompanied the woman on the train until she reached her destination seven stops later.

He also called ahead to request that another staff member receive her at the station after she alighted.

I commend SBS Transit staff on their impressive response time, attention to detail, and having clear processes in place to deal with emergencies.

Their dedication to their work is much appreciated.

Rebecca Chua

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