Quality care at Sengkang hospital

My 88-year-old mum was admitted to Sengkang General Hospital last week for a chest infection and I am deeply impressed with the overall patient experience.

The doctor who attended to her was extremely professional, personable and empathetic. The physiotherapist and speech therapist showed excellent care to mum and the team of staff nurses were friendly and helpful.

I am grateful that she was taken care of by a team of highly professional and committed healthcare professionals at Sengkang Hospital.

Dave Phua Peng Hwee

LTA move gives public safety priority

I applaud the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for tweaking the MyTransport.SG app ahead of the July 1 deadline for registration of personal mobility devices (PMDs) (Snap, report errant PMD riders via app, June 21).

It will enable the public to enforce the law by nabbing errant PMD riders who speed at the expense of other people's safety.

I thank LTA for putting in the nuts and bolts in clamping down on irresponsible PMD users so that public safety remains a top priority.

Soh Swee Kiat

Good show by team behind Chinese opera

As an active member of the local arts group Sam Kiang Chinese Opera troupe, I am very encouraged by the National Arts Council's untiring efforts to promote traditional arts and to integrate it into the lives of the people in Singapore.

The recent successful performance of The Carp Fairy (Yue Opera) is the end product of efforts of the NAC and a whole range of other people, from the chairman of the Singapore Sam Kiang Huay Kwan and the opera troupe's leader to the local Chinese opera director and performers.

The performance received many positive reviews and comments from the audience, which included many first-timers to the opera and parents whose children enjoyed it very much.

The Carp Fairy performance has also led to young Singaporeans showing an interest in traditional Chinese opera, putting paid to the general perception that this traditional art form is only for the older generation.

Everyone involved can pat himself on the back for a job well done.

Dawn Chen Wenhui

Brave firefighters save the day

I salute the brave firefighters who helped to put out the inferno at Jalan Buroh on June 21.

Firefighting is dangerous and requires not just bravery but also quick-wittedness to respond to the vagaries of the wind or the fire's reaction to chemicals and gases, in this instance, LPG.

What I do not understand is why a petrol installation is allowed to be sited near this "high-risk installation".

Either the petrol station or this LPG facility has to be moved before it is too late.

We cannot discount the possibility of a fire breaking out again.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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