Engaging SGSecure event

Last weekend, a Safety and Security Day was organised at my condominium, Thomson Three, to raise awareness about SGSecure. It was an engaging and informative event, which must have required great effort and meticulous planning.

The theme brought people of all ages together, and the event helped them to learn the threats and their basic responses.

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo's presence at the event, where she interacted with residents and brought the message to them, will go a long way towards creating a generation of ready responders and selfless life-savers.

I thank the SGSecure movement, the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Tanglin Police Division, the management of Thomson Three and everyone who worked together to organise the event.

Manas Joshi

Exceptional accessibility

Having recently returned from an eight-night stay in Singapore, my wife and I would like to commend the city's exceptional approach to accessibility.

My wife has multiple sclerosis, and in recent years, we have experienced the ups and downs of disabled travel, which can be especially difficult in busy city centres and on public transport.

We were amazed by the excellence of Singapore's MRT system, which has both excellent signage and superb lift facilities at every station.

Even at Outram Park station, where construction work was in full flow, we were able to quickly negotiate our way to and from the platforms.

On the one occasion we used a bus, the driver swiftly assembled a ramp to ensure we could board and disembark without fuss.

Singaporeans were generally very helpful, polite and respectful, not only on the MRT but also at museums, shopping malls and other destinations and facilities.

Bathrooms for disabled people were also of an exceptionally high standard and always kept immaculately clean.

Singaporeans have many reasons to be proud of their city, and our experience suggests that there is a great deal we in the United Kingdom could learn from an approach that combines efficient practicality with the essential human touch.

Andy Porter


Commendable public attitudes

I wholeheartedly support the sentiments expressed by Mr Vincent Chow Chee Sern (Kinder, more caring Singapore, May 30).

I, too, am an octogenarian, and now a partial wheelchair user.

I have visited Singapore three times in 20 years, and have never been more impressed with the public attitudes described by Mr Chow, with my wife and I among the fortunate recipients of this kindness.

John Barber

Christchurch, New Zealand

Excellent work by PUB officers

Recently, PUB contractors carried out upgrading work on the common drains outside my house.

The work caused a backflow of rain water and soil into a discharge pipe that links the interior of my property to the common drain.

This resulted in an expulsion of rain water and soil inside my property, causing my family some distress.

Fortunately, the team from PUB was very professional in its response. Even though the incident happened over the long weekend, the team was prompt in contacting us, and efficient in working with our contractors to identify the cause of the problem.

In less than a week, the team rectified the issue, and even assisted to clean up the area. It also updated us regularly during the work, and assured us that it would do its best to help.

Special thanks to Mr Wee Cheng and his team, who have certainly demonstrated exemplary public service.

Sew Teng Kwok

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