Thank you for the help

I must thank the kind Singaporeans who came to the aid of my 81-year-old mother when she took a fall recently.

On Sunday, while walking along the pathway of Block 267 Serangoon Avenue 3, outside McDonald's, she tripped on the uneven flooring and fell.

As she struggled to sit up, a group of teenagers rushed to her aid and tried to use tissues to stop the bleeding from a cut on her forehead. But the bleeding just would not stop.

A young couple came by and took control of the situation. The man immediately put her into his car while the woman googled for a nearby clinic that was open on Sundays.

They sent her to One Doctors at Nex and the doctor there attended to her immediately.

After six stitches and some injections, she is fine and now recovering at home.

Throughout the whole episode, my mother was in a state of panic and did not get the names of all the kind people who came to her aid.

My family and my mum sincerely thank these kind people.

Stacey Ow Yeong (Ms)

IPS has outdone itself

The Institute of Policy Studies has outdone itself this year with Singapore Perspectives.

Ambassador-at-large Tommy Koh started by highlighting "the water on the table".

We thought he was going to deliberate the water issue between Singapore and Malaysia.

We chuckled when he went on to indicate that a greener alternative has substituted the plastic bottles of yesteryears.

It was a treat to witness the witty sparring between diplomat and former foreign minister George Yeo, negotiator Prof Koh, and historian Wang Gungwu - all highly distinguished in their fields.

When they rejected one person's opinion, as in the case of whether China beholds soft diplomacy, they did so diplomatically without injuring the emotional comfort of that person, instead motivating him to furnish more substantive details in retort.

These masters illustrated how to disagree with class, respect and graciousness, so as to produce a healthy and productive divergence.

Lily Ong (Madam)

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