Cabby's kindness amid a tough time

On Oct 15, I was waiting for a taxi close to Block 4, Keong Saik Road. When one stopped for me, I told the driver to take me to the Singapore General Hospital's (SGH) Accident and Emergency Department.

He asked if I was ill, and I told him that I was going to see my wife, who had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance because of breathlessness. The driver remarked that it was very sad to have a family member taken ill. He consoled me and said my wife would be well.

On reaching SGH, I gave the driver his fare but he politely declined, even after I insisted on it. This really touched my heart.

I salute him and deeply appreciate his kindness.

Chow Whoy Pan

Ex-employer helped struggling family

In 2009, my husband's brother-in-law died of dengue fever at age 39. His family was immediately plunged into financial difficulties as his wife, then a housewife, was left to care for their six young children, aged three to 16. The family had no savings at all.

The man's employer, Mr Beh of Azen Manufacturing, willingly gave the family a monthly allowance of RM1,000 for the children's education.

His help lasted five years.

Now, the oldest three children are working, with two having graduated with private diplomas.

Mr Beh's kindness and generosity are much appreciated and will be remembered forever.

Terng Siok Leng (Madam)

NTFGH truly a people's hospital

I was recently hospitalised at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) because of the haze.

I was fortunate to be treated at Ward B13 by the medical team led by Dr Lim Sheen Yee, who showed great teamwork and exemplary care for the patients.

Ms Juwita Samat, a patient care assistant, was exemplary in her genuine care and concern for an elderly patient next to me. Her actions in singing to the patient and patiently persuading him to take his meals and medication - just like a granddaughter doting on her grandfather - were heart-warming and praiseworthy.

Ms Juwita's cheerful disposition filled the otherwise depressing ward with joy and laughter, the best medicine for patients and their visitors.

NTFGH is indeed a people's hospital .

On a different note, I was wondering if the Government would consider providing air-conditioners for all public hospital wards.

Currently, B2- and C-class wards do not have them.

If bus interchanges can be air-conditioned, why not all hospital wards, especially during the annual haze period?

Loong Chik Tong

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