Bus driver went the extra mile

I was on SMRT service 963 recently when the driver waved frantically to a woman with an infant in a pram to board the vehicle from the rear, as he pulled up at a bus stop.

The bus captain then assisted her not only by tapping her card but also by trying to comfort the bawling child with soothing words.

He also offered the mother two colourful satchels of goodies to pacify her little one.

When I alighted from the bus, I gave the driver a thumbs up for going the extra mile and he reciprocated with a wave and a big smile.

He made my day.

Bennie Cheok

Well done to Mendaki Club

The news report by reporter Jolene Ang (Participants at Mendaki Club youth leadership programme tackle real-world challenges; Sept 23) provided a detailed account of the efforts by young Singaporean Muslims to provide solutions based on very real leadership challenges.

In a climate where many fear that artificial intelligence will be taking over the future workplace, human ingenuity and creativity must always be championed. Well done, Mendaki Club!

Colin Ong Tau Shien

Proud to be a S'pore resident

I am a long-time resident of Singapore who recently turned 70. On Sept 15, I was rushing down the stairs at Orchard MRT station on my way to the Singapore Grand Prix. In my haste, I fell heavily on the floor in front of the open train door.

Immediately, two young girls got off the train to assist me despite the fact that they were travelling onwards. An SMRT employee also helped me up, gathered my hat and sunglasses and sat me down to recover.

When the next train arrived, she helped me into the carriage and found me a seat.

I would like to sincerely thank the two young girls and the woman from SMRT.

You are a credit to a very caring nation. I am proud to be a long-term resident of such a great cosmopolitan country.

Brian P. McDonald

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