Helping hand from tow truck driver

On Aug 24, my rental car stalled in the middle lane of Marymount Road.

As I was waiting inside the car for someone from the rental company to arrive, I was overcome with fear when I saw that many vehicles had stopped behind my car.

Two weeks prior to this, a lorry had smashed into my car as I was waiting at a junction.

I was worried the same thing would happen again.

After some time, a tow truck stopped in front of my car. Even though it was drizzling and he had just happened to be passing by, the driver told me that he would help to tow my car to the side of the road.

He did not have to stop for me and get himself wet from latching my car wheels onto his truck, but he did so anyway.

Before he left, he checked to make sure I had called for assistance, could wind down my windows and wait safely inside the car.

Thank you, uncle from Peng Towing Services, for lending me a helping hand without second thoughts.

Chian Hwey Miin (Ms)

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