Sincere staff help offenders change

In November, my brother, who is a prison inmate, was having some problems and almost got into serious trouble for something that was not his fault.

However, the problem was solved thanks to the Senior Chief Warder, the superintendent of the cluster and other staff who willingly listened to my brother's explanation.

Their actions show that the staff are sincere about doing their jobs well.

They are in a position of power and could very easily have condemned the inmate blindly, but they did not.

The staff's behaviour can play an big role in correcting the inmates.

I believe that trusting the inmates will give them the chance to change.

I see a lot of positive changes in my brother. Well done, Singapore Prison Service, and thank you.

Nur Helviana Mohamed (Ms)

Helping hands on island trip

I am heartily grateful to the workers on Lazarus Island who went beyond the call of duty to extend their helping hands at a very critical moment.

I suffered a bad fall while taking a stroll around the island.

Those who were on the trip with me were worried that I would be unable to make it back to the yacht we had rented.

Just then, these workers happened to pass by.

They quickly brought water and took me back to the yacht in their buggy car, which they were using for their work.

I will never forget their spontaneous help and will remain ever grateful to them.

The presence of such persons who are indeed selfless show that the world is still a beautiful place.

Chaitali Tarafdar (Mrs)

Smooth and warm care at hospital

About a week ago, I rushed to the Accident and Emergency department at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in the wee hours of the morning when I experienced a tightening in my chest.

I was immediately wheeled into the observation ward, and at 2am, the A&E consultant was able to get a cardiologist to see me and carry out an ECG scan. The process happened within 20 minutes.

Throughout my short stay in the hospital's level 3 Intensive Care Ward, the staff nurse there and her team ensured smooth medical care and nursing service.

I felt real warmth and care from the doctors and nurses during my stay at the hospital as I was nursed back to health.

Jeremy Cheong Weng Kee

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