Great care in and out of wards

On Aug 11, I was queueing at the Mr Bean outlet at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) when I overheard Suyin of the eye clinic in front of me patiently giving directions to an elderly couple.

The couple then headed for their destination but Suyin did not take her eyes off them. When she noticed they were heading in the wrong direction, she gave chase and pointed them again to the right place. It was a small act but I was cheered to see such a caring staff member.

I also applaud the good service of other TTSH staff, especially the dedicated nurses in Ward 9C, whom I have come to be familiar with because of my mother's frequent visits there.

The staff may be multinational and multicultural, but they display the same culture and quality of good service, and carry out their duties with great attitude and diligence.

I congratulate TTSH for having these people on board.

Ho San Cheow

Touched by trust in stranger

My sister-in-law was rushing to get to work on the morning of Sept 21 when, at Tan Kah Kee MRT station, she discovered that her ez-link card was missing and she had no money on her.

Noticing her fluster, station manager Eric came to her aid and lent her his personal ez-link card. He declined payment when she returned his card the next day.

We are touched by Eric's kind act of lending his card to a complete stranger when it might not be returned. His trust in Singaporeans has increased our faith that Singapore is indeed a kind city.

Vicky Chong (Madam)

Kind, reassuring polyclinic staff

Earlier this month, I went to the Marine Parade Polyclinic when I injured my toes. It was about 3.30pm then.

I was concerned that by the time the doctor saw me, the X-ray unit would have closed. It would be difficult for me to return the next day.

So, I spoke to Vasanthi, of the emergency department, and she got me a number to see the doctor at 4.05pm.

I was still worried that this would be too late, and spoke to clinic executive Soo Pei. She changed my number and I soon saw Dr Agnes Koong who sent me for an X-ray.

All the staff I encountered were polite, kind and reassuring.

I thank Marine Parade Polyclinic for having such kind and caring staff.

Shamim Moledina (Ms)

Going extra mile to return wallet

Last week, I dropped my wallet as I was returning home.

The wallet and its contents would have cost me a few hundred dollars, not to mention the heartache of losing items of sentimental value.

Someone by the name of Shin Hau picked it up, found my mobile number and texted me.

He made time to meet me even though he was in the midst of work, and even refused a monetary reward for his time and effort.

He is really an upstanding person for going the extra mile to return my wallet.

James Chan

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