Kind strangers' help with car trouble

ON JUNE 4, at the HDB carpark in front of Nex mall, my car engine suddenly went dead. After many tries, I was still not able to restart the engine.

As my car was in the middle of the road, I approached two men for help. Without hesitation, they helped me to push my car to a parking spot.

As I was overwhelmed by everything that had happened, I did not thank them properly. However, I want them to know that their help is most appreciated.

Tan Gek Huang (Madam)

Nurses who went beyond hospital walls

WHEN I discovered that one essential medicine for my husband was not included upon his discharge from National University Hospital, I called up the hospital, and Sister Xiao Hong took my call.

She went all out to get a doctor to prescribe the medicine. When she learnt that I could not collect the medicine myself, as I am the sole caregiver to my husband, she made special arrangements to collect the medicine, and got nurses Alena and Carol to deliver it to my house. I am truly grateful and indebted to Xiao Hong, Alena and Carol.

Magdalene Lee (Madam)

Grateful for returned phone

I UNKNOWINGLY left my Nokia phone on bus service 168 on June 9, while on my way home from the Singapore Youth Flying Club.

Luckily, a stranger picked up my phone and contacted one of my friends, who went to collect it on my behalf.

I regret not finding out this stranger's name, but I sincerely thank him for taking the trouble to return my phone.

Jake Ling Zhi Wei

Easy to replace passport overseas

I AM a Singaporean working in the United States. Recently, my passport was stolen a couple of days before an important business trip to India.

I immediately contacted the Singapore Consulate in New York, and was pleasantly surprised by the staff's service and efficiency. Within a day, I obtained a document of identity to travel back to Singapore.

The consulate staff also offered to submit my application for a new passport, so that it could be processed while I was en route to Singapore.

In the end, my trip to India was delayed by only a week.

Shawn Low Cher Heang

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