Bouquet : Honest cleaner returns lost watch

Honest cleaner returns lost watch

I commend Madam Lim Yok, a member of the cleaning crew at Koufu foodcourt at Leisure Park Kallang.

On the morning of July 1, my wife and I accidentally left a watch on the table at the foodcourt. Besides being expensive, the watch also had great sentimental value to us.

It was only back at home, more than a hour later that we realised it was missing, and we immediately rushed back.

My wife inquired at the drinks counter and discovered that the watch had been found by Madam Lim and that a supervisor was holding on to it for safekeeping.

We are deeply grateful to Madam Lim. She deserves to be recognised for her honesty and integrity. Koufu is also to be commended for having such an exceptional employee.

Jonathan Yap Choon Hian

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