Uber driver returned my phone

I took an Uber ride to Changi Airport on March 2.

After checking in, I realised that I had left my phone in the car. I frantically sought help from Singtel and Uber, but could not reach a customer service officer at either company. I could not contact the Uber driver either as his details were in my phone.

Helpless and frustrated, I boarded the flight, thinking that was the last I would see of my phone. I was pleasantly surprised to find, upon landing, that my phone had been safely returned to my house.

The kind Uber driver, Mr Albert, had refused any expression of gratitude, including my offer to reimburse him for the petrol cost.

I feel proud of Singaporeans like Mr Albert. The Singapore brand of competence and integrity is not carried by only our political and business leaders. We should be proud that it permeates every strata of our society.

Thank you, Mr Albert.

Tan Keng Sin

NUH staff went the extra mile

Kudos to the nursing staff of Ward 6B and the therapists of the physiotherapy centre at the National University Hospital.

The angels in white darting in and out of the room made all the difference to patients like me, who were hopelessly and helplessly dependant on them for assistance.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Ruben Manohara, who agreed to treat me despite his initial reservations and the challenges posed in my case.

The public is indeed fortunate to have such dedicated, efficient and self-sacrificing people in our healthcare system.

Padmini Kesavapany (Mrs)

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