Bouquet: A truly caring community

A truly caring community

Recently, I took an awkward forward tumble onto the ground while cycling along Tanah Merah Coast Road. I suffered a fractured rib.

I was out of sorts for several minutes before a couple, Mr and Mrs Quek, found me lying face down on the ground.

They shaded me from the hot sun and fanned me while calling for an ambulance. Together with two foreign workers and two staff members from a nearby naval base, they gently lifted me onto the pavement.

My experience in the ambulance and at Changi General Hospital was another eye-opener. Kudos to the staff at the hospital's accident and emergency department for their professionalism and excellent care.

I am heartily grateful to all parties who helped me. It is times like these that I am glad to be living in a truly caring community with first-class medical service.

Chua Boon Poh

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