Book clubs can help instil love for reading

The letter by Mr Terence Teo Li Yang resonates with me (Promote the importance and beauty of reading; Dec 20).

Indeed, reading among the local populace in recent years has palpably waned amid the advent of the Internet.

People nowadays tend to spend an inordinate amount of their time surfing the Internet, indulging in online games and social media chit-chat.

To them, reading, especially the printed word, is something archaic, outdated, bland and time-consuming.

We should, however, all cultivate the habit of reading which will serve us well throughout our lives.

It is the duty of both parents and teachers to inspire children to develop a lifelong passion for reading and, by extension, an enduring quest for knowledge.

To augment their interests in reading, adults and children can tap the National Library Board.

Over the years, NLB has been actively hosting and holding a wide of range of reading programmes such as reading clubs.

One of these is The Straits Times Book Club, which invariably draws an overwhelming response.

Other book clubs include the Book Lover's Club, Next Chapter Book Club, Fundamental, Reading Club and the Taxi Sifu Reading Club.

Interactions between the facilitator and reading club members may go some way towards forging enduring friendships and help to instil a lasting love for reading.

Our populace is much better-educated today than in the past. Hence, it is only natural that reading should be an indispensable part of our daily routine.

Teo Kok Seah

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