Bike operators required to act on feedback from app

We thank Mr Koh Swee Keow for his letter (Follow up on bike complaints; Dec 8).

The "Shared Bicycles" category in the Municipal Services Office's (MSO's) OneService App provides residents with a convenient platform to report the indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles that causes obstructions to the public.

Unlike other OneService App categories where our partner government agencies or town councils are responsible for following up on the reported cases, the "Shared Bicycles" category is a partnership with private sector companies.

It is an agreement signed between the five bicycle-sharing operators, the Land Transport Authority, the National Parks Board and 16 town councils in October.

The MSO makes available the OneService App for the public to notify the bicycle-sharing operators on obstructions caused by their shared bicycles.

As the follow-up actions are carried out by the operators and not government agencies or town councils, the "Track Case" feature is not included for this category.

However, we would like to assure the public that the bicycle-sharing operators are required to act on feedback regarding the indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles received through the OneService App and other platforms.

As part of the Smart Nation initiative, MSO will continue to make the OneService App available for collaboration with private sector entities to be more useful to residents and improve our environment.

The operational performance of these private operators will be presented differently from those of our partner agencies.

Goh Lay Yen (Ms)
Deputy Director, Policy & Planning
Municipal Services Office

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