Bicycle parking an important issue

Under the National Cycling Plan, the Government is building an extensive cycling network across Singapore.

With more people using bicycles as a means to get around, the Active Mobility Advisory Panel is working on a set of rules and norms to boost safety on footpaths and cycling paths ("Sharing public spaces safely: LTA replies"; Oct 3).

One area that should not be overlooked is the parking of bicycles. Currently, I see bicycles parked haphazardly at buildings such as shopping malls, and transport nodes such as MRT stations and bus interchanges.

This indiscriminate parking of bicycles is not only unsightly but also blocks pedestrian paths to the buildings and access to proper bicycle parking areas.

Where access paths are blocked, a safety issue can result when there is an emergency.

At bicycle parking areas, I have noticed that there are often a number of abandoned bicycles that have not been removed and take up valuable parking space.

I hope the authorities and the Active Mobility Advisory Panel will look into the issue of bicycle parking, including issues such as providing adequate parking spaces and ensuring proper layouts for bicycle parking areas for easy access; good design of bicycle racks so that they are easy to use; and establishing rules and norms for good bicycle parking behaviour.

The authorities and building management should also actively discourage indiscriminate bicycle parking by putting up warning signs and removing offending bicycles.

I hope the above suggestions will result in a better bicycling culture for everyone.

Edward Lim Yew Sih

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