Better way to tackle litter problem

I agree that Singapore cannot continue to rely on cleaners indefinitely (Coming clean about being a 'cleaned' city; Oct 23). The commentary brought up valid points on how our mindsets must shift away from such a dependence.

The argument that the employment of cleaners provides them an income is superficial. Such a belief stagnates society's progression towards one that includes responsible citizenship.

It is heartwarming to know that civil societies are raising awareness of this issue.

Indeed, campaigns like Keep Clean Singapore to get the public to engage in litter picking do raise awareness of the amount of litter in Singapore and solve the immediate problem of the presence of litter in public spaces. However, these campaigns perpetuate the idea that somebody else is there to pick up the litter. Such campaigns should hence focus on responsibility and curbing the problem at its source - not littering in the first place.

Changing the thrust of campaigns to encourage the public to not litter in the first place would be more sustainable.

Ho Shi Xian, 20


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