Better way to address Budget wishes

The issues former Nominated MP Kanwaljit Soin brought up are relevant ("Three post-Budget wishes"; March 26). However, I disagree with some of the solutions suggested.

First, imposing taxes on sugar will not be effective in stopping children from consuming excessive sugar, as they will not understand the reason for this.

The middle-class and higher-income groups will still be able to afford sugar, and continue leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

To combat diabetes in our society, we must teach children why they should avoid consuming too much sugar.

Second, deductions from Medisave should not be used to support workers who are retrenched, as they may need the funds.

Instead, the Government should impose an additional indirect tax to build funds which can be used to give these unemployed workers an allowance.

For instance, there could be a tax on luxury items. These taxes would target the higher-income groups and would contribute to the move towards an interconnected community, where we support one another.

Areeba Tariq, 15 ,

Secondary 3 Student

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