Better to learn to be self-reliant

The reason Dr Yik Keng Yeong objects to investing in the research and development of vertical farming is that we have ample supply of vegetables from other countries (Effort needed for high-rise farms exceed returns; May 22).

It is akin to saying we should not have our children do housework, as we can hire help from elsewhere.

While we need to know when to seek help, we should always learn how to be self-reliant.

When we are learning, time and money will have to be spent. But once we have mastered the knowledge and skills, they can be shared with others.

We have gone past the days when all we hoped for our children was a degree and an office desk.

It is time for us to hope that our children will be the ones who discover ways to grow crops in the sky.

Lee Yin Chee (Madam)

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