Better to launch campaign before release of PSLE results

While it is great to know that there are Singaporeans who have done well in life despite not having wonderful PSLE results and that there is a campaign called Life Beyond Grades to shift mindsets away from pursuing academic results, I feel that the timing of the campaign launch could have been better (A look at PSLE scores - to get parents to look beyond grades; Sept 17).

Launching this campaign just two weeks before the start of the PSLE is not likely to motivate or be fair to the students and parents who have been putting in great effort for the exam over the past months or even years.

Launching the campaign before the release of the PSLE results would have been more appropriate.

That would have been a form of encouragement - that regardless of one's PSLE results, life still goes on and one can still make the best of it.

Fu Zhenxing

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