Better to decide now on future of 38 Oxley Road

I am disappointed that the Ministerial Committee that was tasked to consider the future of 38 Oxley Road, has not given a concrete answer.

Instead, it has left it to a future government to decide whether to demolish the house or mark it for preservation (Ministerial panel lists three options for house at 38 Oxley Rd; April 3).

I believe the issue needs to be addressed now because, first, depending on that decision, the owner of the house can choose whether to demolish it, sell it, stay in it or rent it.

Second, if a decision about conserving it cannot be reached now, the house may not have the elements that make it worthy of preservation, in which case, why delay the decision?

Third, leaving the decision to a future government would mean that the merits of each option will have to be studied and proven again to the new leaders.

Since a report on the house is already out, it would be better to make a decision now.

Florence Veronica Minjoot (Ms)

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