Better teaching in schools will curb need for private tuition

Despite the points raised in the report, (Why banning tuition will only make things worse; May 10) I think tuition should be banned.

Private tuition induces over-competition among schoolchildren, is a reflection of a poor education system and increases costs unnecessarily for parents.

If our education system is world-class, the question remains: Why do children need to take external tuition? Aren't the same syllabus, subjects and concepts being taught by school teachers and private tutors?

As tuition is popular in our society, that implies there is a problem with how children are being taught in schools.

If schools can improve their teaching to be as good as that provided by private tuition, then children will not need extra coaching, and parents need not worry that their children are losing out on a good education.

This will stop children from going for private tuition after school hours. Children will then be able to devote more time to non-academic activities that they enjoy. By imposing a ban, we are levelling the playing field for all children.

Also, if our school teachers can moonlight as private tutors for extra income, can we expect them to be dedicated and energetic in their day jobs?

Perhaps, the Ministry of Education needs to relook this policy. Stopping school teachers from working as private tutors may ensure that schools can really provide world-class education to all our children.

Ler Boon Kwang

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on May 12, 2018, with the headline Better teaching in schools will curb need for private tuition. Subscribe