Best to ease Sino-Indian tension by diplomatic means

I agree that both China and India should de-escalate through diplomatic channels.

But Mr Somasundaram Seveganchetty's letter appears one-sided (De-escalation of Sino-Indian tension is in interest of the entire world; Aug 17).

The problems started with Bhutan protesting against the road-building activities being carried out by China, resulting in India intervening and sending its troops without any consultation or approval from Bhutan.

The problem is between Bhutan and China, and not China and India.

It is clear that Bhutan views India's interference and the long simmering border dispute with China with resentment (Bhutan squeezed by stand-off between its bigger neighbours; Aug 17). Bhutan wants every right to its own sovereignty.

Singapore is friends with China and India, and it is in our best interest not to take sides.

We wish and hope that they will come to an amicable solution and settle their dispute soon so that we can continue to build the dream of an Asian century.

Tan Thian Poh

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