Best defence against a car fire

The incident of a taxi catching fire and exploding holds some important lessons for drivers (SCDF officer among those hurt in taxi blast; May 1).

If the fire is at the rear of the vehicle, near the petrol tank, all should move away quickly and a call to the Singapore Civil Defence Force should be made. All bystanders should be kept away.

Drivers should always look out for telltale signs, such as a high temperature reading or a burning smell.

If a car starts to overheat, it should not be driven any farther, especially in Singapore's hot weather.

It is vital to conduct a bumper-to-bumper inspection with every oil change. Any broken part, frayed wire or leaking seal should be rectified.

The best defence against a car fire is safe driving, not installing optional equipment that places a high electrical burden on the vehicle, and staying on top of maintenance schedules.

Loong Chik Tong

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