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Benefits to using smart devices in class

I was surprised to learn that many schools in Singapore have fairly harsh penalties for the use of mobile phones during school hours (Most schools have strict policy on phone use; June 8).

I respect the schools' decisions to ban mobile phones during school hours, as they can be a distraction and temptation.

However, there are some benefits to incorporating smart devices into students' learning in schools.

Equipping students with research skills is an important aspect of education. Access to iPads and mobile phones during lessons allows students to conduct research under the guidance of teachers.

Immediate access to a wide range of information can also make learning more fulfilling. It allows students to maximise their time during lessons and clarify doubts on the spot.

Access to smart devices has introduced new ways of teaching and learning, making lessons more interactive and engaging.

For instance, Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform, has been a popular teaching tool in my school. Students often look forward to participating in the game and applying the knowledge learnt.

Allowing students to use mobile devices can also push them into learning about self-control and how to use the devices correctly.

Mobile devices are powerful tools in learning which can bring about both harm and good depending on how they are used.

Helen Cai Xinyi, 16, Secondary 4 student