Benefits to allowing bikes on trains

I am in favour of allowing foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMDs) all-day access on public transport ("Trial eases travel curbs on foldable bicycles"; last Thursday).

This will contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious nation, slowly increase the use of such non-pollutive vehicles, and promote a more active and "car-free" lifestyle.

Giving commuters the choice of using bicycles or PMDs instead of buses can also relieve congestion on our public transport.

To further incentivise people to use bicycles and PMDs more frequently, transport companies like SMRT could consider designating and designing carriages specifically for safe and convenient handling of bicycles.

For example, tyre stoppers can be attached to the floor to hold the bikes in place. This will make it more convenient for commuters, and utilise the limited space more efficiently.

Moving towards a greener and car-lite city is definitely beneficial and more sustainable for Singapore, as demand for land will perpetually rise.

These schemes can alter the scope of our nation's urban planning and further enhance Singaporeans' living space, without building more roads.

Deborah Goh Zhen Ling , 16, Secondary 4 student

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