Benefits of no-pay leave during temporary business slowdown

I applaud Singapore Airlines (SIA) for giving its cabin crew the option of taking no-pay leave during a short period of staff surplus (400 SIA cabin crew to take no-pay leave; Aug 5).

I agree with Mr Woon Wee Min that no-pay leave is the better alternative to job redundancy for both the airline and its employees (Good move by SIA to manage manpower; Aug 5).

Besides staying nimble and saving on training costs for new hires in future, the company will also save on substantial retrenchment payments.

The cabin crew can keep their jobs and continue to enjoy employment benefits, while taking time off to pursue leisure and learning activities.

The no-pay leave option could be extended to other SIA employees, should the need arise in future, as part of the airline's corporate social responsibility efforts.

Other companies could also implement such a practice during a temporary business slowdown. This would augur well for Singapore's development as a caring nation.

Joachim Sim Khim Huang

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