Becoming gracious society - still a work in progress

We thank Mr Sebastian Tan and Mrs Lee Ee Koon for sharing what they saw at this year's National Day celebrations in their letters (Civic-mindedness in S'poreans growing, Aug 14; and Young boys set great example, Aug 17; respectively).

It is heartening to see that there have been improvements in many areas.

But, as Ms Vivian Tan Wei En and Mr Wong Horng Ginn pointed out in their letters, many people still display ungracious behaviour in public spaces (Make a little effort to be gracious, Aug 10; and Create sense of community for a more civic-minded S'pore, Aug 20; respectively).

We cannot let up in our efforts to become a gracious society, where we show consideration for others be it in eateries or on public transport on the roads.

The Public Hygiene Council has been working with various organisations and communitieson a range of programmes and initiatives aimed at changing people's behaviour.

As Mr Wong stated, this will come about only when there is a sense of community among us. Only then will we take ownership and encourage one another to keep our public spaces clean.

We also share Mr David Goh's view on the need to step up our campaigns in the hawker centres (Clean up hawker centres to stand a chance to win Unesco award; Aug 24).

An important aspect of our hawker culture must be the cleanliness of these eating places.

We hope that our bid for our hawker culture to be inscribed on the Unesco's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity will motivate us to keep our hawker centres clean.

Let us all do our part.

Edward D'Silva


Public Hygiene Council

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