Voices Of Youth

Be responsible with shared bikes

The new bicycle-sharing system is a very good one, but has turned into a problem.

Some users are not responsible enough to return the bikes to the parking areas, but instead just abandon them anywhere they want to.

I have encountered many of these bikes at the very end of Bukit Batok Nature Park, in remote corners of institutions, in playgrounds and many other places.

It makes our Garden City look messy and will surely give tourists a bad impression of Singapore.

The companies also have to do more work to track the bikes down, return them to a parking area and clean them.

The problem can be easily combated if Singaporeans become more responsible.

In cities like Paris, the users of shared bicycles all return the bikes to the parking areas after using them.

If people overseas can do it, why can't we?

Andrew Timothy Siauw, 10, Primary 5 pupil