Be proud to host Trump-Kim summit

The much-anticipated Trump-Kim summit will take place tomorrow.

As it is one of the most significant geopolitical developments since the Cold War, it is an honour for Singapore to host it.

The fact that Singapore was chosen shows that we are a neutral country capable of providing a safe and conducive venue for the talks.

Hence, it is disheartening to read negative online comments by fellow Singaporeans.

Some complain about the inconvenience posed by the "special event areas" (Special zone within event area to have stricter security checks; June 5), while others moan about the inevitable costs - be it monetary or manpower - incurred.

There are even netizens who comment that there is nothing to be proud of to be selected as a summit venue because both the United States and North Korea had "no other choice".

In fact, there were other contenders - Thailand had even volunteered to host the summit.

Yet, Singapore was the chosen one.

Instead of grumbling, we should be honoured to be part of this historical moment.

While the concerns over inconvenience and costs are not invalid, these are insignificant compared to other benefits, such as the boost to our global reputation and our contribution to world peace.

We should not be myopic and harp on the minor short-term inconveniences.

It will reflect badly on us if we engage in nitpicking while the rest of the world is concerned about the geopolitical impact of the summit.

Let us rise to the occasion, be a gracious host and witness history in the making.

Sean Lim Wei Xin

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