Be proactive in warning people of risks

It may be reasonable to assume that an object can perform the function that it is expected to perform.

If the object is not expected to perform a certain function, then reasonable notice or warning must be given to potential users, whether authorised or not.

An example is the "this is not a safety barrier" warning commonly seen on barricades on the road.

Schools and the Ministry of Education are now implementing new guidelines for goalposts after the tragic death of 12-year-old Muhammad Hambali Sumathi (Schools to implement new goalpost guidelines; Sept 19).

Hambali had grabbed hold of the crossbar of a goalpost.

This is an act that is common among boys playing football. I did it myself many times during my school days.

Is the right thing being done now to prevent future misadventures?

The Education Ministry's response is reactive, rather than proactive.

A proactive response would be to ensure goalposts come with warnings to ensure students are aware of what they cannot do.

Tng Kim Bock

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