Be more open to using tech in class

I was privileged to attend a secondary school that uses iPads in the classroom.

By being able to access the Internet, I could clarify doubts I had in class immediately, without disrupting lessons. I was also able to search for information relevant to my lessons, which prompted me to learn more than what was taught in class. Lesson notes were also shared online, and were conveniently accessible.

The use of technology became an integral part of my learning process, which was why I found it difficult to adapt to the junior college education system, which does not allow students to use any such devices in class.

While I understand the concerns of teachers and parents that students may get distracted by these devices, the problem can be easily solved through regular monitoring. Furthermore, in the long run, this can also encourage students to take greater ownership of their learning.

Yet, regrettably, the lack of a mindset change among many adults hinders technology-based learning from being implemented in schools.

Research has shown there are positive effects that technology can bring to a classroom.

I really hope that more teachers in Singapore can be open to students using such devices in class.

Kuo Pei Yu, 17

Junior College Year 1 student

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on May 09, 2018, with the headline Be more open to using tech in class. Subscribe