Be grateful for what you have

Miss Angel Ng's story made me realise that many students in Singapore are indeed very fortunate (Braving family crisis and emerging stronger; Jan 17).

In many schools, including mine, students usually come from a "complete" family, and in school, we are not made aware of the existence of other students in Singapore who come from less fortunate backgrounds.

Some of my schoolmates lament that their life is bad due to assignments or lack of time to complete their homework.

This, compared with Miss Ng's situation, is very superficial and reflective of their privileged background.

I am touched by Miss Ng's motivation and perseverance throughout her whole childhood. Even though her family's situation was not the most desired, she made use of what she had and managed to be happy and grateful for everything, no matter how big or small. Her spirit is one that everyone should try to emulate.

Learning to pick oneself up after a fall is a very essential skill to have. Students should learn how to be more grateful for the little things in life and be more optimistic.

Shyna Gunalan, 13

Secondary 2 student

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