Be flexible in determining HR skill levels

As a human resource practitioner, I applaud the development of a certification model for HR professionals ("Move to certify HR professionals' skill levels"; Monday).

However, I have some queries about the scheme.

Will the certification be congruent to the current Human Resource Workforce Skills Qualifications (HR WSQ) framework?

If it is not, then it would mean that those who used the HR WSQ framework to improve their skills have wasted their efforts.

I hope that the new framework will be flexible and will not strictly enforce the requirements needed to qualify for certain levels.

For instance, to be certified at Level 3, the HR practitioner must have done work related to unions.

However, if the person does not have this experience in handling industrial procedures with the unions, but has done work at a Level 3 standard and beyond, will he be disqualified from Level 3 certification because of the "missing" component?

Also, who will pay the fees for HR practitioners to be certified?

While it is useful for HR practitioners to be certified, why not extend it to other professionals, like those in corporate communications and public relations, too?

Hou Chun Choon

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