Be fair when giving older workers benefits

It is good that steps have been taken to ensure that employees who reach the age of 62 are not out of a job and that they get fair wages.

However, I wonder why it seems that only these re-employed staff have their health benefits tweaked.

After all, chronic diseases do not affect only those who are older.

Older re-contracted staff also tend to have their leave entitlements reduced. In comparison, young couples have been given more time off for paternity and maternity leave.

The wages of re-employed workers remain stagnant, in spite of inflation.

The workers are graded at the minimum appraisal grading, no matter how well they perform. This is not to mention not being considered for promotion.

Employers should re-hire older workers as a norm, and not as a "favour" or in line with the Re-employment Act.

To be fair to the older, vulnerable workers, their entitlements and benefits should be the same as they were before they were re-employed.

Tan Keong Boon

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