Be civic-minded and take care of the lifts

 A woman entering a lift on March 29.
A woman entering a lift on March 29. PHOTO: ST FILE

We use lifts practically every day. Hence, we should be cognisant of the working condition of these machines.

Very often, we can hear strange sounds when they are in operation or when the doors attempt to close.

Lifts can also exhibit a sudden jerking motion when it reaches the floor, and the lift car often fails to align so that it is flush with the lift lobby landing.

These are tell-tale signs that the condition of these machines is deteriorating.

If left as they are, a total and sudden breakdown may result.

Lift users should promptly give feedback to the building owners, town councils, managing agents or lift contractors so that corrective actions can be done.

Singaporeans should be civic-minded enough to take good care of the lifts.

They should stop acts of vandalism and report culprits to the authorities. When they see renovation contractors accidentally damaging the lifts while conveying building materials, they should alert the authorities.

Undesirable practices, such as placing objects inside the gap between the lift cars and landing doors, should be banned.

Users should also stop streaming into the lifts when the buzzer warning of overloading is sounded.

These measures would be instrumental in reducing the frequency of breakdowns and also prolonging the lifespan of the lifts.

Fewer breakdowns mean less inconvenience and lower maintenance costs, hence benefiting everyone in the long run.

Teo Kok Seah

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on July 25, 2016, with the headline 'Be civic-minded and take care of the lifts'. Print Edition | Subscribe