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Be aware of cyber bullying impact

Singapore had the second-highest rate of online bullying in the world in 2012 (Victims of cyber bullying 'easily turn into tormentors'; March 13).

Cyber bullying can negatively impact the victim's mental health and snowball into a vicious circle that affects many.

Hence, it is important to take steps to stop cyber bullying.

Efforts have to be made to make the younger generation aware of how their comments online could cause as much hurt to people as criticisms in real life.

They may feel more compelled to stop when they understand the pain their victims feel.

Parents have to take on the responsibility of monitoring their child's online activities.

If they realise their child is a victim of cyber bullying, they should intervene and report the incident to the school or the authorities.

If their child is the bully, they should step in and counsel him.

Friends should also look out for one another to render support and help if their friend is a victim, and advise him to stop if he is bullying someone online.

With these measures, the Internet can be a safer place for all.

Jennessa New Yuxin, 15,

Secondary 4 student

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